Core Markets


centralina_1Electrical Vehicle LiPo and LiFe batteries, from 10 up to 24 cells, passive balancing, redundant configuration.
Engine Control Units (ECU) Complete device supply for 4 cylinders diesel engine.
Automotive closures & Seat Adjusters



medicalChamber Pacing System Analyzer (PSA) communicates by telemetric link with the programmer, which allows performing the required tests. It is connected to the intracardiac pacing leads by a resterilizable dedicated cable.
Stress Tracking device



cimg3656Brushless DC motors

Single-phase solar inverters from 2 to 9 kWp.
Control Drivers CAN-bus/LAN/RS485-232 interfaces, 3 phases 50W, stepper motors.
High vacuum pump system Turbo molecolar pump (90 l/s < 10 -10 mbar).
Radio Remote Wireless Control



renewable-energyEnergy storage system
telecom remote station for cathodic protection.
Solar Pursuer Controllers 2 axises controller (90° orizonthal axis, 360° vertical axis), autoadaptive algorithm.


railwayDC circuit breakers rated up to 8000 A & up to 3600 Volt.
Resevier Electronics 2-channel dual microprocessor with fail safe monitoring.
Power Supplies Service 24 Voltage signal control.
Disjunction Relay
Main Motor Control board High redundancy boards.