Luigi Lenarduzzi

Ipsia Mattioni31/05/2013 School IPSIA A.Mattioni visiting dm elektron.

Students gain great insights into how the business works in everyday life, their unique cultures, and how different roles and functions work together within companies. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions ranging from how that company is reacting to particular challenges in the market.

09/04/2013 dm elektron was an exhibitor at DECIELEC 2013 one of the most important B2B for Embedded System, that has been taken place in Tarbes (France) on the 17th and 18th of April 2013. In addition to present our cutting edge industrial products, we had the opportunity to meet many important companies regarding Embedded System and much more.

Estamos Project11/01/2013 Dm Elektron is partecipating to ESTAMOS project involving the UDINE University and other partners related to the development of systems for the control and
maximizing the energy efficiency of the electric car and systems for the connection between vehicle and infrastructure to provide mobile information services.

The project ESTAMOS-Official Site

Attendance to electronica 2012 fair; We had an excellent feedback from this trade fair, once again this has been a great opportunity to strengthen business relationship either with new customers or suppliers. The debate, regarding new Technologies and new product introduction, stimulated a wide-ranging of new ideas, and thus developing new concepts.


06/10/2011 At the Oerlikon Supplier Day which has taken place in Zurich on November 9, 2011, dm elektron has received a prestigious award:The best delivery performance supplier 2011.
At the awards attend dr. Dario Melchior, in addition to a brief presentation of dm elektron, illustrate at the Oerlikon Managementactions and investments, which gave the opportunity to dm elektron to achieve proudly this result.

09/05/2011 School ISIS A.Malignani visiting dm elektron;

Students from ISIS A. Malignani had the amazing opportunity to visit Dm Elektron plant; The fact of visiting a manufacturing facility provides a clear picture about the hi-tech working environment. We’ve received from them an excellent and enthusiastic feedback showing the interest to deepen certain topics regarding the electronic field and assembly process.



26/11/2010 School T.Ceconi visiting dm elektron for the event “Fabbriche Aperte”. This was a great opportunity for the student and future technician to whom the electronics will become their job. The students and apprentices had the chance to visit a technological advanced plant, therefore understanding better which are the challenges to be undertaken.