Meetings and B2B

This year again, dm elektron partecipation the 14th edition of DeciElec Embedded Systems whos took place in Toulouse-Labège on last October 18-19, 2017.
The event offered a different Business meetings dedicated to electronics, connected & embedded systems for the aerospace, automotive, railway and naval industries and various congress on prospects related to embedded systems and power electronics and the management of energy systems.
During the scheduled event dm elektron got good marks and laid the groundwork for new cooperation and had the possibility to meet important Customers such as Renault, Valeo, TDK, Airbus and Carbures.
There was a general upbeat mood and positive attitude during the course of those 2 days event, both prime contractors and suppliers were very committed with their tight meeting agenda and the groups benefited from the professional dialogue with one another and a number of new projects were instigated.

Dario Melchior  – Presidente dm elektron – parteciperà al Convegno presso il Centro Congressi Enaip FVG, Costruire Futuro.

Il Convegno è dedicato alle nuove politiche del lavoro per lo sviluppo dell’impresa ed in particolare l’intervento del Presidente, volgerà verso la visione dell’impresa del futuro. 

Il mondo del lavoro è cambiato: per le imprese e per i lavoratori le politiche attive sono una nuova opportunità. I singoli soggetti che ne compongono la rete dovranno operare sempre più in sinergia per rendere competitivo il sistema.

Tarcento Basket, in collaborazione con Alma ed EnAIP FVG, organizza per il 22 aprile alle ore 10.00 a Pasian di Prato (UD) un convegno dedicato al ruolo delle politiche attive del lavoro per lo sviluppo e la crescita dell’impresa. Il convegno, che prenderà la forma di un dialogo istituzionale, prevede la presenza del Vice Ministro dell’Economia e delle Finanze Enrico Morando e di alcuni protagonisti della rete dei servizi per le politiche del lavoro del Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Articolo completo sul sito dell’Enaip a questo link


dm elektron participated as exhibitor also in the second edition of the MEDICAL DEVICES MEETING 2017 in Stuttgart / Germany on March 8-9.

The venue in Stuttgart is not casual, since the biggest clusters of the medical devices industries are located in this region.

dm elektron had a schedule full of efficient meetings on both days with potential customers and suppliers, as well as developers, organizations and stakeholders in the field.

Strong participation was by companies from The Nederlands this time.

dm elektron appreciated the format of the meeting which provides an ideal environment for qualified One-to-One Meetings, which you can plan in advance, accompanied by a high-level conference program.


We are truly honored to attend the Automotive Connection 2017, this B2B represents the best place to catch up on what technology is gaining pace and sharing the challenges of these days in the following topics:

  • Security, ADAS and autonomous vehicle

  • Electrification & hybridation

  • Powertrain

  • Well Being on board

  • Connectivity and intuitive mobility

  • Processes and assembly.

This important international event attracts influential and decision maker managers, designers, CEOs,  and technologists who are shaping the future of electronics assembly and automotive industry. dm elektron takes an another step forward to enlarge his professional network and becomes even more committed to pursuing his goal in this strategic automotive sector.