20170201_Visiting Malignani Partnership

Industry 4.0 and digitalization” and “Design, Realization of electronic boards and its automation” are the two projects which have been presented at ISIS Malignani of Udine and which will be launched during this academic year, involving the school with the school-to-work program in the fields of: telecommunications, electronics and electrical engineering, mechanics and mechatronics.

The projects are giving the opportunity to 30 students of the school to complete three internship sessions with the company, the first session will be beginning in late May. In these sessions the students will be approaching and experiencing the real-life working environment whereas much closer of the implementation of the aforementioned projects.

dm elektron is also proud to cooperate with the ISIS Malignani Institute which concurs in the common vision of the experience in the field of the introduced projects. In order to  facilitate the students, dmelektron will provide a bus for transportation from Udine to Buja and vice versa.

The business activities of the projects was presented by CEO Dr.Dario Melchior and CEO Ivano Baldo, former Malignani student.





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