Process Capability

Corporate synergy among dm elektron’s teams in the different plants is the key point for a fully integrated production process to provide highest performance at the most competitive cost and time:

  • Material management driven by AML (Approved Manufacturer List)
  • Turn-Key and/or consignment stock
  • Consolidated manufacturing expertise on Railway, Automotive and Industrial applications
  • Italian plant focussed to pre-series and process optimization
  • Romanian plant ensures high Quality Standard on mass production


Selective Varnish Dispensing

Varnishing by Asymtec SL-940  Selective Flux Dispensing System using acrylic base coating.  Varnishing machines are equipped with a continous automatic viscosity control and max dispensing speed of 1000 mm/s.

Automatic PTH Assembly Line

Robot hand places and solders various types of PTH components at the same time, e.g. connectors, inductors and switches.

X-Ray Analysis

High resolution X-Ray analysis of all critical solder processes, e.g. of a PTH device to verify hidden parts. High accuracy to detect process defects.

BGA AND QFN32 Assembly

µBGA and QFN32 placed by Hitachi GXH lines. lead pitch 0.4 mm, min BGA ball pitch 0.4 mm and min BGA ø 0.3 mm.

Selective Soldering>

Selective soldering process is used on PTH boards by SOLTEC mySelective 6749 equipment.

Flying Probe In Circuit Test

Customizable design easy and quick test program development. Wide test area: 686 x 610 mm.

Metallographic Microsections

Verification of metallized holes and track as part of incoming inspection of PCB supplies in compliance with IPC class regulation.

PCB A.O.I. Equipment

Each PCB batch is 100% checked by A.O.I. equipment through a full-colored line sensor system. Fully automatic equipment with load, unload and separation pass/fail boards.