Li-Ion multicell battery stack monitor CAN communication for Industrial Forklift and for Electrical Vehicles
Automatic  Door System for Transit and Commuter Buses, Intercity and Tour Coaches, and Utility Vehicles
centralina_1Climate System Control Unit for Industrial and Commercial Vehicles
Rear Fog Lights/Front Fog Beamer, External Ligths and Air Conditioning Control Systems


Railroad switch control system rack, Hub for managing of feedback signals from
multiple railroad switches
Circuit Breaker Systems used in various applications to protect equipments against short-circuit currents and overloads


Powersupply 230Vac – 24Vdc 10A for  high performance turbo molecularpumpsused  in applicationwhichrequire a clean high and ultrahigh vauum
Power Inverter used in lead-acid battery and lithium battery production lines.
Power Inverter Engine Control for Industrial Washing Machine