Dario Melchior  – Presidente dm elektron – parteciperà al Convegno presso il Centro Congressi Enaip FVG, Costruire Futuro.

Il Convegno è dedicato alle nuove politiche del lavoro per lo sviluppo dell’impresa ed in particolare l’intervento del Presidente, volgerà verso la visione dell’impresa del futuro. 

Il mondo del lavoro è cambiato: per le imprese e per i lavoratori le politiche attive sono una nuova opportunità. I singoli soggetti che ne compongono la rete dovranno operare sempre più in sinergia per rendere competitivo il sistema.

Tarcento Basket, in collaborazione con Alma ed EnAIP FVG, organizza per il 22 aprile alle ore 10.00 a Pasian di Prato (UD) un convegno dedicato al ruolo delle politiche attive del lavoro per lo sviluppo e la crescita dell’impresa. Il convegno, che prenderà la forma di un dialogo istituzionale, prevede la presenza del Vice Ministro dell’Economia e delle Finanze Enrico Morando e di alcuni protagonisti della rete dei servizi per le politiche del lavoro del Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Articolo completo sul sito dell’Enaip a questo link


Nella visione di un’azienda sempre più vicina alla formazione e ai temi di quarta rivoluzione industriale – Industry 4.0 –  dm elektron ha visitato l’Università degli Studi di Udine al
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Statistiche, trovando brillante e stimolante l’incontro con gli studenti.

Di seguito riportiamo con grande piacere l’articolo estratto dalla rivista mensile ufficiale di Confindustria di Udine “realtà industriale” nella sezione Speciale Università redatto da Alfredo Longo – edizione di febbraio 2017.

dm elektron participated as exhibitor also in the second edition of the MEDICAL DEVICES MEETING 2017 in Stuttgart / Germany on March 8-9.

The venue in Stuttgart is not casual, since the biggest clusters of the medical devices industries are located in this region.

dm elektron had a schedule full of efficient meetings on both days with potential customers and suppliers, as well as developers, organizations and stakeholders in the field.

Strong participation was by companies from The Nederlands this time.

dm elektron appreciated the format of the meeting which provides an ideal environment for qualified One-to-One Meetings, which you can plan in advance, accompanied by a high-level conference program.


Anche quest’anno dm elektron si è impegnata insieme alla RS Components, a sostenere la fondazione ITCCS, Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori – reparto onconcologico pediatrico di Milano, con una raccolta fondi delineata dall’Operazione Solidarietà organizzata dalla RS Components.

Ogni contributo alle fondazioni di questa natura, è un passo verso il benessere di molti.

Insieme possiamo fare tanto!


Once again, dm elektron has obtained his International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) renewal with Revision02 on the
04/02/2017, the first version of IRIS certification and related activity of Manufacturing and Maintenance had been released on June 2009. This milestone represents another important accomplishment and demonstrates our full commitment towards our esteemed customers in this business sector.

Cerchiamo un impiegato da inserire nell’ufficio tecnico per attività di acquisizione e archiviazione documentale in ambito elettronico. Il candidato ideale ha un diploma in elettronica o similare, ha una conoscenza di base della componentistica elettronica, capacità di lettura e comprensione di uno schema elettrico e la capacità di consultazione di una scheda tecnica di un componente. Completano il profilo una buona conoscenza della lingua inglese, una capacita di autogestione e di lavorare in team, una piccata capacità di analisi e predisposizione al problem solving e un’eventuale conoscenza dei processi produttivi elettronici.

Costituisce titolo preferenziale la conoscenza di CAD elettronici.

Contatti: Work with us
Sede di lavoro: dm elektron

Cerchiamo un progettista apparecchiature di test. Il candidato ideale è un laureato in ingegneria elettronica o elettrotecnica, ha una conoscenza minima nella progettazione di micro controllori 8/16 bit e un’esperienza nel ruolo di almeno 2/3 anni. Costituirà titolo preferenziale la conoscenza di LAB VIEW. Capacità di lavorare in team, orientamento al risultato e flessibilità, completano il profilo.

Contatti: Work with us
Sede di lavoro: dm elektron

We are truly honored to attend the Automotive Connection 2017, this B2B represents the best place to catch up on what technology is gaining pace and sharing the challenges of these days in the following topics:

  • Security, ADAS and autonomous vehicle

  • Electrification & hybridation

  • Powertrain

  • Well Being on board

  • Connectivity and intuitive mobility

  • Processes and assembly.

This important international event attracts influential and decision maker managers, designers, CEOs,  and technologists who are shaping the future of electronics assembly and automotive industry. dm elektron takes an another step forward to enlarge his professional network and becomes even more committed to pursuing his goal in this strategic automotive sector.


On 21st December 2016, the dm elektron Rasnov’s plant has successfully overcome the Electrolux code of conduct audit. This is part of Electrolux’s standard supplier monitoring process which shall usually be repeated every 2-3 years.

The Purpose of the audit aims to measure the Unit’s level of compliance with Electrolux Workplace Code of Conduct. Mr. Matkowski (Electrolux Code of Conduct Auditor EMEA) has shown his appreciation and thanked for the excellent preparation and for support throughout the entire audit process.

On 12th December 2016, our managing director and technical director have presented the company to bachelor’s engineering  students at faculty of electronic and software engineering (courses of biomedical, management, software and telecommunication) and fellowship students of postgraduate degree in Electrical and System Engineering.

There were 3 main events during the presentation: following the formal introduction of Prof. Sergio Carrato, Mr. Baldo has outlined the company mission, the main sector of activities and dm elektron organization chart. Moreover, Mr. Massarutti has illustrated some slides relatively to highest technology products which have been developed by dm elektron in the last years.

Furthermore, several questions have been asked by students to our Friulan hosts, mainly the questions were related to job opportunities in this industrial  sector as well as the opportunities to develop projects, master degree thesis and  Phd thesis in the company.

In conclusion, Prof. Sergio Carrato expressed the availability and interest of dm elektron to invite the students for a plant visit next spring.

November 26th, 2016 – dm elektron is pleased to confirm its presence at Fiera del Lavoro FVG 2016.

The event is organized by Alig and is taking place at GIovanni da Udine theater from 12.30.

dm elektron, is always looking for new opportunities, new future and great ideas. They work on behalf of the fair is a unique opportunity for boys and not only to confront the great reality and great satisfaction.

More info:

“Overall the fair was very successful, proving that dm elektron

is a dynamic company with an active projects portfolio and long-lasting relationship

with their esteemed customers. The stand had an eye-catching, with our electronic boards,

systems and test-benches which arouse vendors, and prospect customers curiosity.


dm elektron presented a wide range of new products, that already have established themselves,

as bestsellers on electronic  markets worldwide in a broad range of application.”

15/10/2014 Attendance to electronica 2014 International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications. As  an exhibitor, we successfully attended this foremost appointment in the  Marketplace. In this regard, we were particularly pleased with the positive feedbacks received from our  current customers and the interest aroused from potential new customers. The Trade Fair has been also an excellent Platform for discussion and exchange about cutting edge technology, new products as well as the opportunity to meet potential suppliers.

Ipsia Mattioni31/05/2013 School IPSIA A.Mattioni visiting dm elektron.

Students gain great insights into how the business works in everyday life, their unique cultures, and how different roles and functions work together within companies. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions ranging from how that company is reacting to particular challenges in the market.