On 12th December 2016, our managing director and technical director have presented the company to bachelor’s engineering  students at faculty of electronic and software engineering (courses of biomedical, management, software and telecommunication) and fellowship students of postgraduate degree in Electrical and System Engineering.

There were 3 main events during the presentation: following the formal introduction of Prof. Sergio Carrato, Mr. Baldo has outlined the company mission, the main sector of activities and dm elektron organization chart. Moreover, Mr. Massarutti has illustrated some slides relatively to highest technology products which have been developed by dm elektron in the last years.

Furthermore, several questions have been asked by students to our Friulan hosts, mainly the questions were related to job opportunities in this industrial  sector as well as the opportunities to develop projects, master degree thesis and  Phd thesis in the company.

In conclusion, Prof. Sergio Carrato expressed the availability and interest of dm elektron to invite the students for a plant visit next spring.